SPARX Case is one of the most unique cases in the world. With its dual function of a USB lighter and protective shield for your smartphone, it puts this case second to none. Enjoy the sleek and stylish design of the SPARX case while protecting your phone from falls and damage.

How to use:

1) Fasten your smartphone into the SPARX case,

2) Drag down the sliding igniter cover with your finger,

3) Hold for 3 seconds,

4) Light up and release!

Built-in Lighter 

For the first time ever, a metallic coil lighter is built into a phone case! The SPARX case technology works the same way as a lighter receptacle in the car. With under five watts of heat energy, not only is the SPARX case unique, but also very safe to use. Enough power to light one up, but without any heat transferring to the phone!

Protective Cover
A childproof safety lock mechanism is designed to automatically release the igniter cover on your SPARX case. This feature prevents the lighter from accidentally lighting itself or causing burns, making it extremely safe to use.

USB Port
The built-in USB port allows for an easy recharge - anytime, anywhere. Charge your SPARX case from any smartphone power adapter, laptop computer, desktop or USB adapter. (A compact USB charger is included with every order).

Charging Indicator
Once your SPARX case is plugged into the charger, a blue fluorescent light will reflect. The light indicates that the charger is properly connected.

Long Battery Life 
Battery life has never been more important! Get the endurance you need for week-long SPARX use when you charge your case between 3-8 hours. Depending on how often you SPARX up during the day, a one-time power boost should deliver enough juice to last you for the week!

Protective Case 
The SPARX case protects your smartphone from scratches, dirt and damage. The case is manufactured from quality polycarbonate plastic that prevents your phone from harm, yet it is flexible enough for easy removal.


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